Property sales


Maxea Immobilier will guide you through all the stages of your house sale. Our client support package includes:

  1. A viewing of your property followed by an estimation of its value based on our Vends du Sud guide, created by professionals for professionals, based on recently-sold properties in the region.
  2. Analysing the profile of the buyer most likely to be drawn to your property.
  3. Creating your property profile using the property details on our database.
  4. Setting out the advertising programme.
  5. Creating the advertising text in different languages.
  6. Communicating the details of your property to all agents throughout our Vends du Sud property consortium.
  7. Advertising your property on all our partner websites.
  8. Comparing your property details with the search criteria of potential buyers who have left their details with us.
  9. Writing a report for your information following each client viewing.
  10. Qualifying the potential buyer.
  11. Sending a monthly/quarterly report depending on our agreement.
  12. Drawing up the preliminary sale agreement for your signature.
  13. Guiding you through all the stages of your house sale up to the final completion of the sales transaction.
  14. Helping transfer the mains water and electricity accounts.
  15. Sending you a customer feedback form to complete and return to us.

To get in touch with our team, fill out our online form, we will contact you as soon as possible.